Control your supply and increase your sales

Optimal restocking quantities for stores and distributors, taking into account campaigns, strategic marketing promotions, seasonal factors and macroeconomic indicators.

We have prepared everything for your retail business. The goal is to sell more!

Data analytics prepared for you to make better sourcing decisions, improve your planning, and streamline your business. We use deep learning to automate complex decisions, alert you on future risks, and suggest corrective measures in advance.


Within minutes, you decide what to get and where to get supplies.


Automated sales forecast calculations without human intervention.


Dashboard suggestions with alerts for risks, disruptions and losses.


No complex infrastructure or team of data scientists.


Exclusive support with an assistant who speaks your language.

Simple screens for day-to-day use.

The solution to manage and automate your stores' supply needs, with a focus on improving user experience.

Supply suggestions at hand through an easy-to-view interface oriented toward day-to-day decision making

Supply management requires a massive amount of data, which consumes processing resources and takes a team of analysts in a fully manual operation. Automating this process leads to efficiency gains and operational fluidity: more responsive, of higher quality and with less human involvement, thus, less possibility of errors.

Automating complex decisions allows you to understand and manage behavioral patterns

Granular-level crossover visualizations of variables that allow you to understand and manage the demand behavior patterns of each product at each point of sale – oriented toward decision making in an operating environment. Receive analytics regarding disruptions, overstocks, promotional campaign performances, and assortment movements.

Future Risk Alerts

Combinação de deep learning para previsão de eventos futuros e de análise prescritiva de sugestões para antecipar riscos ou capturar oportunidades. Gerando a capacidade de isolar os problemas e realizar correlações de múltiplas variáveis, trazendo previsibilidade, estabilidade e eficiência para a operação. Venda mais e melhor, adequando estoques à demanda e atendendo seus clientes e consumidores.

Suggested Actions to Streamline Your Business

Perfect Order automates complex decisions, warns of future risks and suggests corrective measures. Continued use provides insight into behavior and demand trends, consumer shopping carts, seasonal factors, and product locations in stores.

How do I use it?

You start with certain stores and track the results.


Choose stores and products to establish your supply plan.


Watch the video training + guided tour with access at any time.


Start getting
supply suggestions and preparing orders.


Chat, call or WhatsApp support to monitor the entire implementation process.

Only pay per use

Only pay per use

No user limit

Customizable BI and dashboard included

Support included

Cloud hosting

How to calculate?

The base value is:

Number of

active SKUs


Number of

active stores


Number of

itens processed


R$ 0,85 a R$ 0,06

per item


Your monthly fee

Example: 6  stores 800 skus =  4.800  items processed/month

Your monthly fee: R$ 4.080,00

Your monthly fee per store: R$ 680,00

A implantação de redes neurais proporcionou à Danone uma oportunidade de antecipar as variações de demanda, tendo economias em todos os elos da cadeia de suprimentos. Com a TEVEC chegamos a 99% de disponibilidade fabril, 56% de redução de rupturas e 67% menos estoque.
Xavier Serres Escoda
Brazil IS/IT Hub Director

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You have chosen to receive the best sourcing decisions.


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We would like to know a little more about your business.

You have chosen to receive the best sourcing decisions.


Please, fill in the registration form to contact us.


We would like to know a little more about your business.

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