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Machine Learning in logistic chains

Patterns exist everywhere in nature, even in business processes. Computational intelligence techniques allow us to capture these patterns and transform the way we see things.

Our algorithms enable the accurate identification of behavior patterns of data series and factors that affect your customers, forecasting the future with high accuracy, including constant and seasonal sales, marketing campaings and changes in consumer economic behavior.


We were recognized for the results in the major awards of the AI institutes as MIT, International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS) and USP (Universidade de São Paulo).

Our Vision

Vision: bring the artificial intelligence application into everyday business on a user-friendly service platform that is ready for all business sizes.

Entregamos previsibilidade, estabilidade e eficiência para que as empresas vendam mais e melhor.

Founded in 2013, Tevec develops software to automate decisions, turning data into recommendations and information that accelerate business growth.

Know Before Acting.

A Plataforma TEVEC é pioneira na aplicação de deep learning para reconhecimento de padrões de comportamento de demanda, automatizando todo o processo de previsão de vendas e cálculo dos lotes ideias de reposição de produtos nos pontos de venda e nos centros de distribuição, permitindo o controle do planejamento de vendas, nível de serviço e estoques reguladores. 

Vender mais. Reduzir custo. Reduzir perdas

A Plataforma TEVEC automatiza o fluxo de cálculos do planejamento entregando as melhores recomendações e insights para as decisões da cadeia de abastecimento de varejistas, indústrias e distribuidores.

Gávea Angels

Gávea Angels © is one of Brazil's most traditional angel investment groups and is a private, non-profit association made up of a limited number of members, both individuals and businesses, to promote the development of brazilian startups.

The investor associated with Gávea Angels © has knowledge of the business, knows about strategy development and also attracts new investors to build more relationship networks.

Gávea Angels © intended to identify, educate and bring together stakeholders - associates as potential investors and start-ups.

Indicator Capital

Indicator Capital is a venture capital firm founded on an equal partnership. We seek to invest in unique and transformational startups being the first choice for entrepreneurs and investors. Our vision is to be recognized as “investors for the good”, promoting a convergence among the entrepreneur’s dream, the venture’s success and the investor’s return by offering effective operational tools, vast network, disruptive vision and hands-on value creation approach.

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